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Capital One Data Breach

By: Montgomery Steen, Security Analyst, MAD Security | August 7, 2019 Overview: Capital One has disclosed that a March 22-23 breach affected 100 million people in the US and a further 6 million in Canada. According to an indictment by the FBI, a software engineer in...

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New Technology Implementations for Financial Institutions

Purchasing a new security solution can often turn the tide of battle in the defender’s favor, but there are many considerations before blindly buying into the latest and greatest technology. As you attempt to increase your security posture and build a successful cybersecurity program, be aware of the risks that come with implementing new technologies.

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Mobile Security Defenses

Mobile devices have multiple points of attack just like any other environment. Setting a mobile device policy and enforcing security best practices with a mobile device manager can assist in reducing the overall attack surface for your business. Choosing an MDM with features that best fit a company’s needs is a great step in securing the mobile environment for their business.

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Phishing Protections

Phishing attacks expend very little resources from attackers and are extremely effective. Users are generally the weakest link in the security of an organization and the path of least resistance for most attackers. Reducing the amount of phishing emails that reach your users is critical for decreasing the likelihood of a breach.

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