Our Webinars
MAD Security’s Jeremy Conway, Don Sumner, and Cliff Neve discuss the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification(CMMC) that will impact over 300k companies. They discuss security operations and effective and efficient use of resources to maximize your cyber investment and get the most out of your resources. This webinar is designed for both the CEO-level and technical practitioners alike.
Cliff Neve, COO and Managing Partner, discusses steps to building a winning cybersecurity program.
Managing partner and CEO Jeremy Conway discusses common attack vectors and mitigations for cybercrime.
Cliff Neve, Dave Stewart, and Don Sumner discuss how to improve your DFARS SPRS score and improve your cybersecurity posture in this webinar on 12/2/2020.
MAD Security’s own Cliff Neve gives a presentation at DEFCON!
MAD Security and SecureWorks partner to help companies strategize, understand, and safeguard against Ransomware through a webinar!

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