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Join one of the most dedicated and experienced cybersecurity teams out there.

We are not only focused on protecting your information from the outside world, but also on ensuring the protection of your data internally as well. We will equip your employees with the right tools and tips for maintaining a secure environment, as well as providing consultants on areas of security that may be vulnerable. Keeping your information secure requires collaboration between your technology and those that run it. MAD Security can assist with both.

For Employees:

MAD Security offers a very competitive compensation package that includes base salary, medical, 401k matching, bonuses (we like to reward you for your hard work), training on next generation security tools, and flexible time off.

For Trusted Partners (1099):

We are also looking for partners that we can work with that can augment our skills and add depth to our team.  We frequently receive requests for work that is a little out of our lane or that we can’t take on due to full bookings, and in those cases we like to work with trusted partners to create win/win scenarios.

Career Postings:

New Technology Implementations for Financial Institutions

Purchasing a new security solution can often turn the tide of battle in the defender’s favor, but there are many considerations before blindly buying into the latest and greatest technology. As you attempt to increase your security posture and build a successful cybersecurity program, be aware of the risks that come with implementing new technologies.

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Mobile Security Defenses

Mobile devices have multiple points of attack just like any other environment. Setting a mobile device policy and enforcing security best practices with a mobile device manager can assist in reducing the overall attack surface for your business. Choosing an MDM with features that best fit a company’s needs is a great step in securing the mobile environment for their business.

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Ransomware Defenses

Ransomware, like other malware, has many different strains, each of which can present different levels of risk. In this blog we will discuss technical defenses against ransomware.

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Phishing Protections

Phishing attacks expend very little resources from attackers and are extremely effective. Users are generally the weakest link in the security of an organization and the path of least resistance for most attackers. Reducing the amount of phishing emails that reach your users is critical for decreasing the likelihood of a breach.

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4 Common Cybersecurity Threats

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some common threats you’re likely to see throughout 2019, and over the next several weeks we will go in-depth on prevention and mitigation of these types of attacks.

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Hot Button Cybersecurity Issues 2018

Financial entities and their regulators are facing the challenge of mitigating these 4 hot button cybersecurity risks daily. In this blog post, we discuss ways to mitigate them with our partner, VMS Consulting.

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Here are a few of the qualities you need to be a member of our team:

  • Technical expertise
  • Client focus
  • Constant and lifelong learning
  • Business acumen
  • Open and fun-loving mind
  • Innovative and quick thinking

What can MAD Security do for you?

  • Competitive compensation
  • Awesome healthcare package
  • 401K plan
  • Generous vacation package
  • Top-down and bottom-up support
  • Ongoing training
  • Attendance at top conferences
  • Career advancement

MAD Security Career Opportunities

Don’t see a job that really speaks to your experience? That’s okay! We are always looking to add bright, talented information security centric folks to our network. Send us your resume and we’ll review it to see how we might be able to work together. One of our recruiters will get in touch to discuss. No really, we mean it!

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