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A penetration test, commonly referred to as a pen test, is an authorized and coordinated simulated attack carried out against your technology infrastructure.  Our expert penetration testers actively attempt to compromise your organization’s assets and/or data. 

A common question often asked of us is what the main reasons why an organization should have a penetration test performed.  In this blog, we will answer that question by covering the six core reasons why it is a good idea for an organization to have a penetration test performed.

1. Determine if Potential Vulnerabilities are Exploitable

Vulnerabilities in modern operating systems, applications, and network infrastructures are often very complex and subtle. Yet, when successfully exploited by skilled attackers, these vulnerabilities can undermine a businesses’ defenses and expose it to malicious attacks and data loss.

Before a malicious attack is successfully carried out it is a great idea to have a security expert, “white hat hacker” perform a penetration test assisting your business in understanding the exploitable vulnerabilities and aid in shoring up security controls. 

2. Achieve Compliance from Regulators and Auditors

All of us today are faced with a daunting number of growing security standards and regulatory obligations.  While the wording in each of them differs, the basic tenet of protecting sensitive and confidential data remains constant. 

Some standards are simply recommended industry best practices and guidance, while others such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS are mandatory, with each carrying large penalties if you are found to be out of compliance.  The detailed findings and reports resulting from a penetration test will demonstrate to auditors or examiners that your business is performing an adequate amount of due diligence to meet the requirements and standards. 

3. Test Your Incident Response Preparedness

A penetration test simulates a real-world attack and can help measure the success of security controls and an incident response plan.  A goal-oriented attack simulated in a penetration test that attempts to gain access to sensitive data helps to identify strengths as well as opportunities for improving attack detection and response.

4. Leverage Penetration Test Results as Due diligence for your customers

Customers are security conscious and concerned that the businesses they partner with or purchase from are taking cybersecurity seriously and not exposing their information or assets to cybercriminals.

Businesses that have a security program in place that includes having penetration testing performed will attract prospects, win business, and keep existing consumers happy by providing assurance that they are continuously working to harden their networks and infrastructure against attacks and misuse.

5. Avoid the Cost of a Breach

A security breach can have devastating financial consequences.  Legal fees, remediation, customer protection programs, regulatory fines, loss in sales and reputational damage can negatively impact a businesses’ bottom line.  The increased cost required to resolve security incidents and the financial consequences of losing customers when a breach occurs, is sound reason to invest in proactive cybersecurity and perform penetration testing.

6. Easily Communicate Security Posture

A detailed report of the assessment and findings is provided at the conclusion of every penetration test.  This report communicates the objectives, methods, detailed findings, and overall story of the test which should be used as a communication tool to share insight. 

Overall security posture, what security initiatives, and a plan of action can be shared with the technical staff using this report.  Having the ability to share the overall effectiveness and results of the penetration test will aid in understanding risks and determining what future resources or efforts may be required by the business. 

If you are ready to schedule your penetration test or want to learn more about how penetration testing can be an effective security measure for your business contact us.